Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good Morning

This is a part member family on the road to being eternal! It took quite a few missionaries working with her but the baptism turned out beautiful. The shirt was an inside joke :-)

Good morning! (written May 31st) This past week has been so wearing, but I had a great time with it. I look forward to the day that I can sleep in every couple months, lol! We had a lot of opportunities for service last week, and since there is now 3 of us in our companionship we were able to get even more accomplished while working. Things like showers, making breakfast, and personal space have suffered, but it was great to have more help while cutting wood and digging ditches. With summer in full swing it seems like there is constantly someone who needs some help outside with something, and those lead to great teaching opportunities. This morning we went to mow a ladies yard and our lawn mower didn't work, so then we got to borrow the neighbors and talk to them about what we do as well. People are so much more likely to listen to our message when they see us pulling weeds then knocking on doors. Sundays are even more crazy now too. We start the day with going to ward council at 8:30, then church at 10, 11, and noon, usually finishing up at about 4 and only being able to make a fraction of our church meetings. And to add to the hectic schedule each of the wards we work in meets in a different building, all on very different sides of town. It is a lot of fun though. This past Sunday we got to attend Dona Ana, the new ward we are serving, and the people there are great. Our bishop even texts us regularly to make sure the work is going smoothly. Since it was the 5th Sunday our last meeting was combined and the lesson was on working with the handicapped. There is a very large percentage of handicapped members in this ward, physical and mental, so there were some really great insights and lessons that I was able to learn. We have another full week of service, finding, teaching, and then training other missionaries so I better close this one up and get going. Please continue your prayers because I know they are helping those I am serving as well as myself and the other missionaries. I feel there are many times that the only reason I am able to continue this work with energy is because of the many prayers going out to us. Love, Elder Inman

Transfers! (Written May 26th)

Hey y'all, We received transfer news Saturday night and I got the best of both worlds, which in this case I didn't think was going to be possible. Last transfer I was working in Rio Grande and the University ward. I love working in both of them, and the work is progressing at an amazing rate so I felt that Rio Grande was ready for its own set of missionaries. With how much is happening we have not had enough time to focus on them as they need, which meant that the area would be split and I would lose Rio Grande if they got their own set. On the other hand, there are several people who I am working with really closely in that ward that I don't feel I am ready to leave by being transferred out. So this is how it ended up working perfect, further proof to me that God is in charge of transfers: Rio Grande recieved their own set up missionaries, but one of the missionaries is getting over some health issues and has been serving in the Washington mission to help him get better faster, and he won't be returning to this mission until mid June most likely. So this means that his companion, Elder Webb, is going to work with us in a tri-companionship until the other missionary is able to come down and we will cover Rio Grande, University, and Dona Ana. It is going to be a lot of work but I am so excited for this coming transfer! Most of this week was a lot of fun. With that guy advertising the end of the world all over the place we have been able to comfort a lot of people concerning last weekend (the day the world was supposed to end). It is amazing to me that so many people will hear some guy on TV or see him on a billboard and then put so much trust in his opinion of when the apocalypse is going to be, yet we have a prophet who speaks to us on a constant basis and most will ignore his council. They will rush to the store to by candles and food in preparation for the upcoming date some guy concocted from studying the bible with math, but most still will not prepare a food storage as commanded by a man speaking the word of God, or invite their neighbors to meet with missionaries like they have been told over and over in Conference (I had to put a missionary call out). I have wondered so many times why people are still clawing after 'a form of godliness but denying the power thereof' when it is so easy to find the peace that comes from being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I hope and pray that people will learn from this fraud who claimed revelation of when the world will end rather then decided that since he was wrong then it will just be better to turn towards the growing trend of atheism because their is no reliance on divine guidance. Well time is short again so I better sign out... Love, Elder Inman

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