Monday, June 27, 2011


Hi Everyone,

This week was sooo incredible! It felt like the Lord opened heaven up and poured so many blessings upon us, although I am still hoping rain will be one of those blessings soon for Las Cruces' sake. I have a lot to tell you about so I will go ahead and jump into it.

Our zone has been very blessed as of late with our tremendous success so we decided to do a zone fast on Sunday in thanks, and to ask for even more blessings and miracles to come. As Elder Karren and I were on our way to our second ward we noticed someone on the side of the road struggling to change a tire so we pulled over to offer help. They accepted gladly and I wish I could have seen what it looked like from the outside with Elder Karren in his 3 piece suit and me in my blue silk one climbing under a truck to get the spare tire. The spare was not releasing correctly so we ended up spending 2 hours working to get them back on the road, and we were working in 108 degree weather. When we finally got them going we exchanged numbers so we could meet up for lunch some time and then we arrived to church 5 minutes after it ended. Elder Karren and I both had to lay down for a few minutes because heat exhaustion hit us pretty hard and then we got up and went to dinner.

That same day we were blessed to have 6 investigators come to church! Sam, Brite, and Joseph are all roommates from Nigeria going to school here who we found because their door was open when we walked by and we started to talk. At the end up Gospel Principles one of them asked a great question considering we have not even taught them the restoration yet. He said that if he is going to be a member of this church he needs to be an active one and intends to teach others about it, so he wanted to know what sets us apart from the other churches. Wow, that is the dream question I love to hear! We briefly bore testimony and set up a time to teach them after church. In our lesson after church they told us of the anti material that exists in Africa, which is even worse then here, and said that now they believe it is a result of ignorance. They are wanting to be baptized the 16th of this month and want to learn as much as they can so they will be able to explain it to their families back home. They are some of the most amazing people I have ever met and am sure they will become very powerful members of Christ's church.

There is so much more that has happened and I have fallen in love with the people of Las Cruces. If it was greener here I would consider living here some day :-) This Saturday transfer news is coming and my chances of staying to see these amazing people enter the waters of baptism is very slim since I have already been here for 6 months. I have been so blessed on my mission to have all amazing companions and I have loved every area I have served in. I don't feel I will ever have any stories about horrific areas or companions that I almost killed. I am so amazed with how blessed I have been!

Elder Inman

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sooo Happy!

Greetings!!! This has been an amazing week and I have so much to tell you, so I will do my best to type the speed of light so I still have time to email President Miller. To start of with I got food poisoning, I think, for the first time in my life. I was on an exchange, so I had an elder come to my area for training, and I felt great that night. I woke up around 2am feeling horrible and freezing so I turned down the a/c and tried to go back to sleep. A while later I was still freezing and shivering badly so I turned over to turn the a/c down again but this time I noticed the other elder was not even sleeping in his covers so it couldn't be that cold. I got out of bed and realized it was warm in our apartment and then almost fell over because my stomach and my head hurt so much. I rushed to the restroom and spent the next hour throwing up and then got a blessing from my exchange companion, since he was already up from the disturbing noises coming from me. The blessing said that I would be able to heal as I worked so I wasn't worried about having to stay in bed. I went back to bed and when I woke up I felt just as bad, and throughout the day I was so weak and nauseous that I had difficulty staying on my feet for to long. The amazing thing is that in our teaching appointments, which we had a lot of, I felt amazing! As soon as we sat down to teach my mind was clear and my body was strong and the lessons went amazing, and then within a minutes of leaving I was sick again. I felt fine the next day, but it was a great experience to see the power of priesthood blessings. We are being incredibly blessed with our efforts in our own area and in the zone. Elder Karren and I are amazed by how many people are basically asking us to teach them lately and neither of us has ever had such a large teaching pool. It seems like everywhere we go the Lord is placing someone in our path who is ready to receive the restored gospel into their life. I hear about how difficult others missions are and how many people yell and throw things at missionaries, and that they will tract for hours without meeting anyone who is willing to listen, but I have experienced very little of them. There are so few people that have said no to us lately, and almost everyone we talk to loves and and wants to be around us. We have people who offer to buy us sushi just so that can be near us and and leave feeling amazing, and others have told us they see halo's over us and want to know why. Everywhere we go it seems people notice us and wave happily in our direction. To end I wanted to share an experience I had in church this last Sunday. It was mentioned at the pulpit how we need to forgive our parents for their mistakes and give them a break because they are not perfect. He continued by saying that most of us grow up thinking our parents are super heroes and then when we realize differently, which he says happens at about 19 or 20, we are let down. Just because we realize our parents are not super human does not mean that we have to love them any less is what he said. I pondered that for a while and realized he was wrong, at least for my parents. When I was in high school I thought my parents were confused about certain things and I thought I knew so many ways I could do better, but since going on my mission I have learned how super human they really are. I have never met parents that are more valiant or consecrated as my own, and I dream of being able to raise my own children as they have. Tears came to my eyes as it hit me that right now is the only time in my life that I feel I carry the spirit as powerfully as my dad. I suddenly felt scared for the time that I get released and my mantle is taken away because my light will not be as bright, and my dad will not get to fully see who I have become as a missionary. I love my mission and feel it is going by to quickly. I look forward to when I get to spend time with my family and friends again, and of course have big dreams for my future, but this is the best I have ever felt and I don't want to leave it. I never could have guessed how much I would love these people who I am called to serve, or who I would grow into as I served them. Love, Elder Inman

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hecktic & Powerful

missionary working hands...
(from June 6th)
Hi everyone, Our stake had an amazing miracle take place yesterday! We are in a record setting drought right now and many people here are worried. I have been told over and over that they don't know the last time this place has ever gone this many days without water fall of any kind worth measuring. So, as a stake they fasted for rain yesterday and during testimony meeting many members got up and bore testimony that they knew it would rain very soon. That same night, last night, we had an incredible storm come through with a beautiful lightning show and pouring rain fall that caused the streets to flood! It is amazing to see what happends when the Lord's people ask for a miracle in faith. They did all they could do and then stood still to watch the power of God. We had a great week with our work as well. I had several experiences that strengthened my faith and made me feel so happy knowing that I am able to hear the Spirit's promptings t
o me: - We got home a little late earlier in the week and were in a hurry to do our nightly planning and fall asleep. As we walked up the stairs we said hello to our neighbor and went inside. Our neighbor is a really nice guy, but we have never invited him to meet with us because we assumed all of the missionaries before us had already done so. As we were praying to begin our planning I felt a strong impression to go talk to him and invite h
im to meet with us. It was past 9:30 and he had gone inside so I wasn't real sure about knocking on his door right after we said goodnight, and then out of no where ask him to take the lessons. When the prayer ended I knew we needed to talk to him so all three of us walked out and knocked on his door. He answered looking a little confused at first but then invited us in excitingly and agreed to start meeting with us. - Saturday morning I got one of the more odd promptings I have received on my mission. It was to go through our area book and start texting all the former investigators to invite them to a baptism that was happening later that day. I thought I would end up texting ten or so of the more recent ones but I ended up sending out well over 100 texts to people I have never met, and until today my thumbs were still sore. None of them were able to make it to the baptism. But something amazing came from it anyway because from those texts we have 7-10 more people who are willing to start meeting with us again and some appointments are already set up. There were also numbers that now belong to someone else and after talking to them they agreed to meet with the missionaries and we sent those referrals to other missionaries in our zone. That hour and a half of prompted texting helped us find more people then a transfers worth of tracting! - I will share one more and then I need to hurry and email President Miller my weekly email. This happened yesterday after all of our church meetings as we were going to change out of our suits. I was really wanting to find someone else to start teaching that day, but we had almost no time to go finding because of all our meetings. As we were abou
t to walk into our apartment I noticed another one of our neighbors pull up who I had previously had a short conversation with. He had told me that he would invite us over some time but he worked a lot and has not had the opportunity. I yelled out hi to him and then continued walking away. I felt that I should turn around and yell out that we were still waiting for him to invite us over. My companions looked a little worried because they have still not got used to my random approaches to people. To their surprise, and frankly my own, he said we could come over right then and we went and taught him before our next appointment. It still amaz
es me how
many people the Lord has prepared all around us! Love, Elder Inman

(this weeks)
Hey everyone,
I was really excited to write this week because so much has happened. I was busy finishing up my third paragraph when suddenly something weird happened and I lost everything I had written!! So now my time is running really short and I still need write President about the week...
Here is a quick overview of what I wrote:
- Elder Norquist is back from the Washington mission so now him and Elder Webb have taken over Rio Grande. He is really excited to be back in this mission and seems like an amazing missionary.
- Because Elder Webb and Elder Norquist will be on bikes and our apartment is right by there area we gave it to them and had to move into a new apartment. A good amount of the past few days, Sunday Excluded, has been spent scrounging up furniture and other necessities, and getting it ready to live in. We are almost done.
- We were blessed with incredible success last week with our finding and teaching. It almost seems like God is sending people to us asking to take the lessons, which is great feeling to have. Last week we actually had someone ask if they could cook us dinner if we would teach her. After I inquired about her cooking skills I gladly accepted the invitation :-)
- The wards I serve in are amazing!!!
Well that's it for this week. Sorry it is so short, but I had no choice this time. Thank you for your prayers and faith, because my mission is amazing!!
Elder Inman

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good Morning

This is a part member family on the road to being eternal! It took quite a few missionaries working with her but the baptism turned out beautiful. The shirt was an inside joke :-)

Good morning! (written May 31st) This past week has been so wearing, but I had a great time with it. I look forward to the day that I can sleep in every couple months, lol! We had a lot of opportunities for service last week, and since there is now 3 of us in our companionship we were able to get even more accomplished while working. Things like showers, making breakfast, and personal space have suffered, but it was great to have more help while cutting wood and digging ditches. With summer in full swing it seems like there is constantly someone who needs some help outside with something, and those lead to great teaching opportunities. This morning we went to mow a ladies yard and our lawn mower didn't work, so then we got to borrow the neighbors and talk to them about what we do as well. People are so much more likely to listen to our message when they see us pulling weeds then knocking on doors. Sundays are even more crazy now too. We start the day with going to ward council at 8:30, then church at 10, 11, and noon, usually finishing up at about 4 and only being able to make a fraction of our church meetings. And to add to the hectic schedule each of the wards we work in meets in a different building, all on very different sides of town. It is a lot of fun though. This past Sunday we got to attend Dona Ana, the new ward we are serving, and the people there are great. Our bishop even texts us regularly to make sure the work is going smoothly. Since it was the 5th Sunday our last meeting was combined and the lesson was on working with the handicapped. There is a very large percentage of handicapped members in this ward, physical and mental, so there were some really great insights and lessons that I was able to learn. We have another full week of service, finding, teaching, and then training other missionaries so I better close this one up and get going. Please continue your prayers because I know they are helping those I am serving as well as myself and the other missionaries. I feel there are many times that the only reason I am able to continue this work with energy is because of the many prayers going out to us. Love, Elder Inman

Transfers! (Written May 26th)

Hey y'all, We received transfer news Saturday night and I got the best of both worlds, which in this case I didn't think was going to be possible. Last transfer I was working in Rio Grande and the University ward. I love working in both of them, and the work is progressing at an amazing rate so I felt that Rio Grande was ready for its own set of missionaries. With how much is happening we have not had enough time to focus on them as they need, which meant that the area would be split and I would lose Rio Grande if they got their own set. On the other hand, there are several people who I am working with really closely in that ward that I don't feel I am ready to leave by being transferred out. So this is how it ended up working perfect, further proof to me that God is in charge of transfers: Rio Grande recieved their own set up missionaries, but one of the missionaries is getting over some health issues and has been serving in the Washington mission to help him get better faster, and he won't be returning to this mission until mid June most likely. So this means that his companion, Elder Webb, is going to work with us in a tri-companionship until the other missionary is able to come down and we will cover Rio Grande, University, and Dona Ana. It is going to be a lot of work but I am so excited for this coming transfer! Most of this week was a lot of fun. With that guy advertising the end of the world all over the place we have been able to comfort a lot of people concerning last weekend (the day the world was supposed to end). It is amazing to me that so many people will hear some guy on TV or see him on a billboard and then put so much trust in his opinion of when the apocalypse is going to be, yet we have a prophet who speaks to us on a constant basis and most will ignore his council. They will rush to the store to by candles and food in preparation for the upcoming date some guy concocted from studying the bible with math, but most still will not prepare a food storage as commanded by a man speaking the word of God, or invite their neighbors to meet with missionaries like they have been told over and over in Conference (I had to put a missionary call out). I have wondered so many times why people are still clawing after 'a form of godliness but denying the power thereof' when it is so easy to find the peace that comes from being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I hope and pray that people will learn from this fraud who claimed revelation of when the world will end rather then decided that since he was wrong then it will just be better to turn towards the growing trend of atheism because their is no reliance on divine guidance. Well time is short again so I better sign out... Love, Elder Inman