Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hecktic & Powerful

missionary working hands...
(from June 6th)
Hi everyone, Our stake had an amazing miracle take place yesterday! We are in a record setting drought right now and many people here are worried. I have been told over and over that they don't know the last time this place has ever gone this many days without water fall of any kind worth measuring. So, as a stake they fasted for rain yesterday and during testimony meeting many members got up and bore testimony that they knew it would rain very soon. That same night, last night, we had an incredible storm come through with a beautiful lightning show and pouring rain fall that caused the streets to flood! It is amazing to see what happends when the Lord's people ask for a miracle in faith. They did all they could do and then stood still to watch the power of God. We had a great week with our work as well. I had several experiences that strengthened my faith and made me feel so happy knowing that I am able to hear the Spirit's promptings t
o me: - We got home a little late earlier in the week and were in a hurry to do our nightly planning and fall asleep. As we walked up the stairs we said hello to our neighbor and went inside. Our neighbor is a really nice guy, but we have never invited him to meet with us because we assumed all of the missionaries before us had already done so. As we were praying to begin our planning I felt a strong impression to go talk to him and invite h
im to meet with us. It was past 9:30 and he had gone inside so I wasn't real sure about knocking on his door right after we said goodnight, and then out of no where ask him to take the lessons. When the prayer ended I knew we needed to talk to him so all three of us walked out and knocked on his door. He answered looking a little confused at first but then invited us in excitingly and agreed to start meeting with us. - Saturday morning I got one of the more odd promptings I have received on my mission. It was to go through our area book and start texting all the former investigators to invite them to a baptism that was happening later that day. I thought I would end up texting ten or so of the more recent ones but I ended up sending out well over 100 texts to people I have never met, and until today my thumbs were still sore. None of them were able to make it to the baptism. But something amazing came from it anyway because from those texts we have 7-10 more people who are willing to start meeting with us again and some appointments are already set up. There were also numbers that now belong to someone else and after talking to them they agreed to meet with the missionaries and we sent those referrals to other missionaries in our zone. That hour and a half of prompted texting helped us find more people then a transfers worth of tracting! - I will share one more and then I need to hurry and email President Miller my weekly email. This happened yesterday after all of our church meetings as we were going to change out of our suits. I was really wanting to find someone else to start teaching that day, but we had almost no time to go finding because of all our meetings. As we were abou
t to walk into our apartment I noticed another one of our neighbors pull up who I had previously had a short conversation with. He had told me that he would invite us over some time but he worked a lot and has not had the opportunity. I yelled out hi to him and then continued walking away. I felt that I should turn around and yell out that we were still waiting for him to invite us over. My companions looked a little worried because they have still not got used to my random approaches to people. To their surprise, and frankly my own, he said we could come over right then and we went and taught him before our next appointment. It still amaz
es me how
many people the Lord has prepared all around us! Love, Elder Inman

(this weeks)
Hey everyone,
I was really excited to write this week because so much has happened. I was busy finishing up my third paragraph when suddenly something weird happened and I lost everything I had written!! So now my time is running really short and I still need write President about the week...
Here is a quick overview of what I wrote:
- Elder Norquist is back from the Washington mission so now him and Elder Webb have taken over Rio Grande. He is really excited to be back in this mission and seems like an amazing missionary.
- Because Elder Webb and Elder Norquist will be on bikes and our apartment is right by there area we gave it to them and had to move into a new apartment. A good amount of the past few days, Sunday Excluded, has been spent scrounging up furniture and other necessities, and getting it ready to live in. We are almost done.
- We were blessed with incredible success last week with our finding and teaching. It almost seems like God is sending people to us asking to take the lessons, which is great feeling to have. Last week we actually had someone ask if they could cook us dinner if we would teach her. After I inquired about her cooking skills I gladly accepted the invitation :-)
- The wards I serve in are amazing!!!
Well that's it for this week. Sorry it is so short, but I had no choice this time. Thank you for your prayers and faith, because my mission is amazing!!
Elder Inman

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