Monday, May 16, 2011


Hey everyone,

I'm sorry this email is going to be so short. This week is transfer planning for President Miller, so my report to him this week was longer then usual. This was an amazing week though! Because of how close my time is to expiring I will just jump right in by telling a great experience, and then as many more as I can fit in the next couple minutes...

We were at the family's home again that I told everyone about a couple weeks ago this Sunday for dinner and a lesson. They are the family that bore testimony of our powerful teaching and spirit during testimony meeting. I don't remember if I said anything about their neighbor though. She had been over for our Easter lesson with them and accepted the invitation to meet with us and read from the Book of Mormon. We are very close to her as well as the family, so meeting again was no big deal for them since they love having us over. This time we all sat around the table and began by reading through the introduction to the Book of Mormon, and taught bits and pieces of the restoration along the way. When we related the first vision we brought out the pamphlet with the picture of it and the spirit entered strongly.

She looked a bit confused after we finished with the vision and asked why it showed two personages standing above Joseph Smith if they are one, referring of course to the false concept of the Trinity. We explained that they are not one in body but in purpose, and I told her a little about my dad and his questioning of that concept growing up, and that he is now an active strong member of the church. At this point she looked like she was going to cry and she grabbed the pamphlet, held it tightly to her chest, and told us that this means more to her then she can explain. She told us she knows why we are meeting with her right now in her life, and that our teaching is answering all of her questions and bringing her greater joy. She excitingly looked back at the Book of Mormon and told us that we need to keep reading because she needs to find out what else it holds. I don't remember ever seeing anyone as excited as she was at that time! Sadly we were already late for cerfew and had to tell her that we needed to pray with her and then leave. She told us that would be fine because she was going to stay there and read it with the family since she was not ready to stop :-)

It is amazing to see how the Spirit prepares people for this message and then testifies so powerfully of its truthfulness. We were also able to teach a very humble man from Central Africa who by the end of the lesson bore testimony to us that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God, and told us how thankful he is for the revelations he received for us. He does not live within our boundaries so we are transferring him to some other elders, but it was great seeing his excitement as well. And earlier in the week we had dinner with some members in the University ward who had a friend come over to meet us. We taught the first part of the restoration and he is wanting to meet with us again on Tuesday to learn more. The Lord has prepared the hearts of so many people, and it is so much fun meeting and teaching them!

Elder Inman

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