Monday, September 13, 2010


Hey everyone,

I am pretty proud of my word for this week :-) The reason I used it is because we got transfer news a couple days ago and I was really surprised by it. Elder McCarroll and I were completely sure that he was getting transferred out and I was going to stay for a couple more transfers, but it turned out being the opposite. This is what we call a six week bullet in the mission. When I was receiving my transfer news the Elder telling me started off by saying that the area I'm being sent to is in need of good elders and that I will just have to work really hard and pray. Whenever they have to start with an explanation about the area it usually means its not a good thing. He told me that I am being double transferred into Belin because the missionaries who were there had severe disobedience problems and we needed to go in and regain the trust of the members and do our best to get the area up and running. When I told Elder McCarroll where I was going he started laughing out loud and said that it is one of the few areas that is more slow then where I am now. Since that time every other missionary I have told has given me about the same response.

The companion I will be getting is Elder Thatcher... Weird huh? It turns out when we took in some of the Arizona mission during our split we got an Elder Thatcher who happens to be a cousin the the Elder Thatcher I was companions with last transfer. No one knows anything about him, or even how long he has been out so I am excited to meet him. The great thing is that even though the area is considered horrible by most elders, I don't know my companion, and I am going to miss this area I am actually really excited for it. I know all transfers are inspired, but this is one that I feel comfort in the inspiration received and excitement about the work I am about to take part in. It is so incredible to see the hand of the Lord in this work, and the more I notice it the more I love being a part of it, no matter what part it is.

I love you guys,

Elder Inman

PS, from what I hear it is a truck area. That should be kinda cool.

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