Wednesday, September 22, 2010



I have hardly any time, so I will make this really short and sweet. I love my area, my companion is awesome, and I know completely that this is where I am supposed to be at this time. I have felt so happy the past couple days that its getting close to ridiculous, lol. Belen is a small town of cowboys basically, but we cover quite a few small towns right now. Our area is about 20x35 miles, which is quite a change from the little 2x2 that I am used to in the city. It throws me back to memories of growing up in Rye all the time, and I am meshing really well with the people here. One of the families we are working with told me that the other missionaries didn't know who I was but they thought I would be a little city boy that couldn't help at all on the Ranch for service, but when they saw me they got excited and said they think I could out lift both of the missionaries combined and that I will fit right in. Good thing I have a strong handshake because around here that is how a lot of people measure us :-) Its a good change to be around good, honest country people who tend to be a little more hospitable at the doors, that is after we chase off the goats to even reach the door. The hard part is turning down going to rodeos or riding there horses around the ranges of hills.

The work here is pretty dead right now, but I am convinced that's just because it hasn't been worked right. There is so much potential here with the ward as well as with tracting. This coming week is going to be incredible for mission work in this area. We have one investigator, Barbara, who has progressed farther in the past week then for months before then, and we found someone else tracting who is showing good potential for moving forward. Even just this morning someone came up asking for money so we started talking to him about his situation and said that we don't have extra cash but would love to teach him how the restored gospel could help ease the burdens of his difficult life. He gave us his address and we are going to take some time out of our pday to go over and teach him.

Well I have to get going... But I love you all and am praying for you!

Elder Inman

PS, while cleaning our duplex we found a lizard and a tarantula, lol. I love it out here!

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