Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 7

We did not get as many lessons as usual this week, because much of the time was spent listening to inspired leaders in General Conference, but it was still a great week. My companion has started talking about how close he is to going home, 5 weeks left, and I am already starting to feel like I don't have enough time out here. It seems so real now that we only get one chance to do this, so I better enjoy it and give all I have.

A couple great things happened this week. I hope you remember who Sonia is because I am not going to explain it all again, but we met with her again this week. It was a pretty amazing lesson, starting when we met the husband. We don't know all the details, but he came back and the family was so happy the whole time we were there. He was as excited about what we were teaching as anyone else in the home. When we asked if they would read the BoM together and pray about it as a family he was the first the verbally say yes and smiled as the rest of the family followed. I am so excited for them to become an eternal family through the restored gospel!

Then a funny thing happened as we were walking back to our car after knocking on door after door with no answer. I was laughing about some old lady who looked at us through her blinds and then hid and didn't answer the door when I saw something shiny laying in some rocks in the middle of a field. I picked it up and to my surprise it was a pretty cool looking gold and diamond ring. I picked it up and we threw it back and forth as we continued our walk, not real concerned with it since of course it was fake. Then on P-day we decided to bring it by a jeweler just in case it was worth something. Turns out it is solid 14k gold with several mid quality diamonds lining it. Wow, that's a pretty cool blessing of missionary work. I'm hoping that if I ever get put into a biking area it will cover a good portion of that cost, because bikes are way more expensive then I thought.

Well surprise surprise, it is another busy day so I don't have to much time. My comp needs a haircut today so we are cut short on our comp time again. Last week though, I got a letter in the mail that was crazy to open. It was from Ariel Horowitz with a WEDDING announcement in it. That is so exciting, and made me realize that the rest of the world is still moving even though I am on my mission, what a weird concept. As always I am praying for those back home, and I hope all of you are being blessed for my service here in New Mexico, because you all helped me get out here.

PS, if you have written me and I have not written back yet please know its nothing against you. I love the letters I get, I just have a hard time finding opportunities to write back.


Elder Inman

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  1. I'm glad everything is going well with Sonia and her family. And you found a nice ring, cool! It is strange how time just marches on with everyone you know, even if you're not there to witness it. Steve feels the same way when he is deployed. I am so glad you are treasuring this experience. We love you and miss you!