Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 9

Hey everyone,

So this is probably going to be my shortest letter so far :/ We are going to an Isotopes game today, which is the minor league team here, and we have to leave very shortly. Plus, there were a lot of emails waiting for me, which was great, but I just don't have much time to reply to them today. I am currently writing a letter to my family though so you should be getting that soon, with some of my gospel insights from this past week of study. My companion hurt his ankle pretty bad so lately a lot of time has been spent at home with him icing and resting it like the doctor told him to. I'm not a big fan of sitting inside while people are waiting to hear the gospel, but I have gotten about 20 hours of scripture study cumulative this past week, and am even more amazed with the perfection found in the Book of Mormon.

Before I go I guess I better say at least one good experience I had outside with our investigators, because it was amazing. On Sunday we were sitting down waiting for church to start after we did our round of hand shaking. I was feeling a little depressed because we were not able to get as much work done this week, and I didn't see any of our investigators or less actives arriving. I was starting to get the feeling that I wasn't doing much good here, which I know isn't true but at that time it was sinking in. Then Nate's family walked in, the one I said was getting so happy and doing so well in our appointments, and we ended up challenging him to be baptized and he is now praying about a date. Then right after that Jerry Gajiton walked in with his family. He is someone who we started teaching after I pulled the 'Im new and need practice teaching' move, but he has been taught before a couple times over the past 20 years and has never so much as read any of the BoM. His wife later came to us crying saying that he is reading and prayed for the first time ever, and then he came to church. Wow! Then right after they walked in the Chavez family came in smiling and excited. They are a family that has been less active for many years and no one has ever been able to get into their house even. We have been teaching them for the last month and they are so excited about the gospel. They bore their testimony in class about how we came into their lives right when they needed us, that because of the light they see in missionaries they are coming back, and that they want their youngest daughter to get baptized since everyone else in the family already is. They invite us over twice a week now to teach them, and are getting involved in everything they can with the church. And THEN, at the end of sacrament I looked to the back of the gym, since we fill the chapel and the gym, and saw Sonia with one of her daughters sitting there with smiles on their faces. We went back right away and talked to them and they said they really enjoyed it. They stayed for all three hours and afterwards said they will probably be coming back next week and look forward to us coming on Thursday to teach them.

It was such an amazing Sunday! It's funny how I went from feeling like a failure out here to wanting to yell with joy 1 hour later, even though we were not able to get out and work that much this week. Just goes to show that when we do all we CAN God will bless us and those we are serving. I love you all, and pray that you are being blessed as well!

Oh, and yes mom I remember the dirty cereal bowl analogy :-) You used it at Harrison's baptism I'm pretty sure. Its so weird to think that he is already a priest, passing me up in scouts, and dating!!!! And then that in a couple days Tawny will be turning 18! There are times when I wish so badly that I could be there for all of it, but I know that you all will be blessed much more with me out here serving. I really do love you guys, and pray so many times every day that you will be safe and happy :-)


Elder Inman

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  1. Wow, how neat that just when you're feeling down and feeling like you're not making the difference you hoped, the families just came pouring in! It sounds like you are doing great. Keep up the good work and know we love and miss you!
    Love, Sheralan, Steve, Cori, and Conner