Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 5

(We were able to get some special permission for Uncle Scott to take Elder Inman and his comp to dinner- it was a treasured time!)
This week has been one to remember, and I hope I always will. Fist off I got to see uncle Scott which was amazing! Plus he bought us food, lol. My president was sure to let me know that it is usually not allowed, but considering all the circumstances, and with Scott being deployed soon, he thought it was a good use of a missionaries time. It has been so long since I have seen Scott, so I am greatly thankful that I was able to a couple days ago, and to hear from him how great him and and his family are doing.

Im sure most people already know what an exchange is, but since some probably don't Ill go ahead and explain it real fast. It is when two companionships switch companions for 24 hours, usually so leadership can teach and help other missionaries and see how they work their areas. Since my companion is district leader we do a couple exchanges a month. This last week we exchanged and Elder Cochran came to my area, so for that day I acted as senior companion. Elder Cochran has been out for a little over a year, and said that he has had some trouble focusing, and has gotten in trouble with the president a couple times, so I prayed for an added amount of the spirit so that hopefully something we did that day would help him become a better missionary. He is an awesome guy, just having trouble as a missionary. Last week their companionship only had 6 lessons total.

It was a beautiful day, and we began knocking doors since there were no specific appointments set up yet. We knocked for a couple blocks with only two people answering, and both of them were pretty ticked that we were even there and shut the doors before we got to far past introducing ourselves. We ended up having fun and talked about Paul being rejected by whole cities, and began on the other side of the street. More people answered on this side, and I was able to do a lot of teaching to Elder Cochran on how best to do door approaches. Door to door sales has helped so much! We were blessed with quite a bit of success this time and even taught a couple lessons to people who were excited and invited us back. The rest of the day was a huge success, and I could noticeably see Elder Cochran getting happier and more excited. We ended the day with 8 lessons, more then either of us ever had in a single day, and more then he and his comp had all of last week. The best part is that the day after the exchange he called me back to let me know that he and his comp had 7 lessons the very next day! He was so excited, and they ended the week with more then twice as many lessons as the week before. Elder Davis said he didn't know what I did, but he had never seen Elder Cochran so excited to be a missionary. We both know that I didn't do anything though, I was just blessed enough to have the Lord work through me for another missionary. I hope and pray that I continue to be worthy for the spirit to work through me like that!

Then on Saturday I was able to witness another miracle, the kind that I have read about in the Ensign, lol. To start with, it snowed! Its in the 60's today, but it randomly snowed on Saturday. Elder Davis and I spent the majority of Saturday walking around in the cold with little or no success. Most people didn't answer, and the ones that did were busy and told us to come back in a couple days. By 5:00 we had no lessons, and only had about 20 minutes until our dinner appointment. Both of us were discouraged and wanted to sit in our car and do some studying since 20 minutes is not enough time to give a full lesson, and not even enough to tract more then a couple houses. Instead though I said that we should start driving to dinner and knock on some random door based on inspiration. After about 10 minutes of driving we were within sight of the house we were having dinner at, and neither of us felt any kind of promptings, so I pointed and a 'random' house and said there was someone in it that was ready for the gospel. I didn't completely believe it, but I figured we had a couple minutes and it wouldn't hurt to knock, even if I was completely wrong.

To our surprise someone actually answered, an improvement from the rest of the day. It was a young man named Josh, and he was completely open to the things I was telling him about the restored gospel. He said it made sense that we would still have a prophet on the earth, and would love to have us to come back the next day to teach him more. As we got back into the car we both had huge grins on our faces, and basically yelled with joy. Elder Davis said the whole time we talked to him he kept saying "no way" in his mind because he didn't believe it was happening. We went back yesterday and Josh invited us back in right away. We went through the whole first lesson and he agreed with everything we said, and at the end said that he felt chills from the spirit the entire time and wants to know more. We set up a return appt for this Wednesday and he wants us to bring a Book of Mormon for him with us because he wants to read and pray about it as soon as possible. Wow :-)

Its amazing to see how the Lord works; I absolutely love it. The only sad part is the reaction I have recieved from other missionaries when I share this experience. Everyone of them tell me to remember it because that kind of thing never happens, and even my trainer said that it must be greenie luck. I know that God led us to that home though, and that as long as we are faithful and worthy miracles like that should happen constantly throughout everyone's mission. God said that miracles follow his servants, so why should even greater things not happen through the rest of my mission. I have great respect for the missionaries that told me it wont happen again, especially for my zone leaders and trainer, but I also know that the reason more miracles don't happen to God's people is simply that kind of thinking and lack of faith. Why would miracles happen to his servants in the scriptures, and to the pioneers, and even to our leaders of the Church, but not to each of his missionaries today? God is the same yesterday, today, and forever so we can be certain it is not because he has changed, but because we no longer expect miracles to happen, and when they do we look over them as coincidence or happen chance. I am so thankful that I have been raised and taught to expect miracles in my life, and am now seeing them happen in this great work that I have been called to. I love my God, and I am beginning to love his children more and more each day, and I will continue to work and pray to be a worthy instrument in his Holy hands so that I can be some part of others coming to the knowledge of this restored gospel and the blessings that accompany it!

Elder Inman


  1. David, Sounds like you are doing great! I am so proud of you. What a blessing that you were able to spend time with Scott, it is nice when rules can be bent a little...for good reasons, of course. :-)
    Love you,

  2. Every time I read your letters, I am just amazed at the wonderful young man you have become. Your devotion, maturity, and strength of spirit is a true inspiration. We love you and are so proud of you!

  3. I so love reading your letters. You're so right!! Miracles happen often, I've witnessed them myself. But 'faith precedes the miracle' and you certainly have the faith. I just have such joy and pride (the good kind of pride!) in you. It's wonderful that you got to spend time with Scott, too. I'm hoping to somehow get to Albuqurque in the distant future and I pray that my friend will be living where you can come visit.
    I love you so much!!!! G-Ma ():-)