Monday, March 1, 2010

Week 2 in the field

I have a couple cool expereinces to tell everyone about from this week, so here I go:
The ward here is great at feeding us, and we have not gone one day without a dinner so far. Earlier this week we were eating with a great part member family named the Rudds. Funny side comment, thier two kids eat so much that they put bike locks on the fridge and cabinets so that only the parents can get to the food now. Well dinner went great, and then at the end we washed their dishes for them, just like my mom told me to do, and sat down for the spiritual thought. It was my night for the spiritual thought and I felt prompted to teach about Saul and the great change that came over him. The spirit was very present during it, then we prayed, said goodbye and left to go knock on more doors.
The cool part is that yesterday while we were in some ward leadership meeting one of them, the Rudds hometeacher, said that when he dropped by the Rudds went off about the new elders and how amazing we are. I guess it has been hard for the missionaries to get into their home in the past for actualy lessons, but they said we are welcome into their home anytime we want, and they want to see us again soon. Awsome!
Next... Saturday was a really hard day for missionary work. All of our appointments cancelled or werent there so we spent all day knocking on doors trying to find someone to teach, which did not go well. The only appt that actualy went through was dinner. We knocked on so many doors and only talked to maybe 3 or 4 people, with one short door stop lesson. It was really depressing and we were wondering what we were doing wrong since we couldnt find anyone, and both of us were starting to get pretty down. By the time 8pm rolled around we were both done and decided that we were wasting our time and should instead go back to our appartment and spend the rest of the night organizing our area book.
On the way out I felt a strong impression that we should stop by a past investigators home that we have never seen, so we turned around and drove in his direction. I started to get excited thinking that he was going to be waiting for us to share the gospel with him, and that we were finaly going to see the fruits of the very hard days labors.
We got to where he was supposed to live and found that the street didnt even excist. I was very close to just breaking down by this point, realzing that I had probably made up some prompting and that I led my companion out to a house that isnt even there. Feeling completely defeated we turned to leave when I felt another impression that we were supposed to be at the home across the street. I wanted to ignore it since the lights were off, and I didnt feel like talking to anyone anymore even if they did answer. But we both decided we needed to follow the promting and knocked lightly on the door, as to not wake them up if they were asleep.
To my surprise they not only answered but excitedly invited us in and we were able to give a very powerful lesson about the love of Christ of the Book of Mormon. They will be gone this week, but we are meeting with them again next week :-) As I walked out of their home I felt like shouting with joy because of how happy I was, and how much my testimony grew.
Its amazing to see the Lords hand in our work, even if He works a little different then I thought He was going to.I have more to share, but we have a lot to do today to get ready for this upcoming week.
Love,Elder David K Inman
PS, if anyone, especualy dad because he seems to know everything about doctrine, knows anything about 'glory' and what it is I would love some insights.
Oh, and your right, it is absolutely beautiful here!! I love the watermelon moutains during dusk, and they city lights at night. I could never live here though, just because of how dry it is. They have this thing called Zero Scape where most of the lawns don't have any grass, just a couple little desert plans and rocks. If someone does want grass it gets messured regularly to make sure its not too long, and it can only take up a certain percentage of the front and back yard. I would go crazy if my house couldn't have green grass!
And tell Tawny to look up my comps brother. He is just turning 18 and lives in bountiful Utah. Tawny would absolutely fall in love, lol.

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