Monday, August 15, 2011


(Written Aug. 15th)
This was such a fun and exciting week, so now the hard part is deciding what to talk about first. I'll start with the best part of it, that we held one of the most beautiful and powerful baptisms I have even been to. I feel the reason it was so powerful was because she was completely ready to make that covenant, and because those in attendance loved her so much. She did not want very many people in attendance so the room was not as packed as I am used to, but everyone there loved and was excited for her. I feel so blessed to have been here for such an incredible experience, and to know this absolutely amazing woman who chose to accept the gospel. I look forward to seeing what calling she gets because I'm sure she will love it and excel.
Now for our transfer news. I am staying here in Panorama Heights and Elder Byrd is being transferred back to Las Cruces to serve in the ward the I just left. Crazy huh? I loved serving with him and I think he will do a great job in the Universtity ward. When I was being transferred up here I had really wanted to serve with either him or Elder Willden because they were both in my zone in Las Cruces and I thought they were amazing elders and great friends. I have always been told that transfers tend to work the opposite of what we want, but so far in my mission I have seen the opposite. Elder Willden is my next companion and I am so excited for this coming transfer! Its amazing how it worked out.
I am running low on time already so I am having a hard time deciding what to write about because there is so much great things that happened this week. Elder Byrd and I had another great faith building experience on the way from a teaching appointment to our dinner. As we drove through a major intersection we noticed all the cars across from us driving around a SUV that had its hazard lights on. We needed to get to dinner and I figured there had to be at least one person driving by that would stop and help her, plus we would have to go way out of our way to get to her, so we just kept driving. After a few more seconds of driving guilt hit me so we whipped around and worked out way toward her through the heavy traffic. We hit out hazard lights and parked our car behind her and offered to push her to the other side where she could park and wait for help. When the light turned green we started pushing as hard and fast as we could because it would be really not fun being stuck in the middle with the light red. We started approaching a good sized hill so I prepared myself for a good struggle to get her over it and into the parking lot when all of a sudden the car began accelerating. The car was still off but it began moving so fast up hill that we both had to run to keep up with it, our hands barely touching the vehicle. I don't know physics that well but I am pretty sure that is not supposed to happen, lol. I am constantly amazed with the miracles the Lord blesses us with! After she parked she jumped out and gave us both big hugs and thanked us as people drove by giving us the thumbs up and telling us good job :-) I love being a missionary!
Elder David Inman
Exchanges written Aug. 8th
This was a very busy week, and I spent very little of it in my actual area working. This was a big week for exchanges with other missionaries and it was my turn to go to their areas, so I spent some time in Santa Fe and then in the UNM University branch. They were fun though and I had some great experiences. The exchange in Santa Fe was with a missionary I came out with so it was a great opportunity to talk about our missions thus far and our goals for our last 6 months. This is the first time I have been in the same zone with another missionary who came out with me. There are actualy only four of us left because all the others ended up in the Farmington mission when it split. I have had incredible opportunities for learning and growth in my work with President and other leaders, as well as some of the strong companions who have taught me, and the exchange was a great time to pass on some of what was given me. We ended the exchange by going to the Plaza in town and contacting some really random people. If you want to meet some really strange people Santa Fe is a great place to go!
I am running really low on time so I better wrap this up. Sorry it is so short this time! My other exchange was with Elder Dunnington who is going home at the end of this transfer. This is another example of how small the world is within the church because he and I were in the same seminary class for a year before he left for study abroad, and I know his family in Muncie 2 ward. It was so crazy talking about all our friends from back home and how much both us of have changed on our missions and since we last saw eachother. We both came to a solid conclusion of how thankful we are for our amazing seminary teachers in Muncie Indiana, and the great effect they have had on our missions :-) So crazy!
Elder Inman


  1. David, I'm glad you are having such amazing experiences. And I'm glad you went back to help the stranded motorist, that type of service is so important and so few do it anymore. Stay safe and know you are in our thoughts. We love you and thank you so much for the postcard. It was great to hear from you!!!
    ~Sheralan and fam