Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Miracles

Hey everyone,

This was another week of miracles. Ill start backwards and tell you about this past Sunday, because it was amazing. The topic for sacrament meeting was the Restoration of Christ's Church, Sunday School was the Plan of Salvation, and then the last hour, which was combined, was the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Those are the first three lessons we teach as missionaries and I loved having them taught to me this time. What made it even better was that it was easy to tell those presenting and teaching had put many hours of preparation, which created a very powerful setting for everyone there. We also had a new Ward Mission Leader called during sacrament and he is a fire ball when it comes to missionary work. He actually served, just a couple years ago, in theIndianapolis Indiana mission and we have a lot of mutual friends. And to add to how crazy the situation is his sister just got back from her mission, days ago, and she was in the MTC with me and is really good friends with a sister who came out here with me. The Mormon world is so small!

Earlier in the week I got sick again for some reason and spent most of the morning throwing up way more then I thought was possible. I am not a fan of this recent trend of Elder Inman getting sick. I was on another exchange when this happened, just like last time, so I jokingly tried to tell our mission president's wife, Sister Miller, that I need a sick pass from doing exchanges. It almost worked, lol. So I had my temporary companion Elder Richardson give me a priesthood blessing that said, also just like last time, that I would be able to make our teaching appointments.

Our first appointment was at 2 so I drank some water and slept some more, and then had to run to the bathroom for a second wave of throwing up at 11. I was feeling horrible and had to remind myself that the blessing said I would make the appointments and not to cancel. I got up and started getting dressed to go at 1:30 and then as we were getting ready to walk out the door I had to run in and throw up AGAIN. I don't even know how that was possible since I had not eater anything all day, but regardless I threw up several times before I was able to lay against the wall and contemplate calling and rescheduling our appointments. The blessing popped into my head again though, so I got up, brushed my teach, and we left and had some amazing teaching experiences. After we finished teaching Sister Miller called and reminded me that we are not supposed to leave our house for 24 hours after throwing up, sounding a little worried and perturbed, but I told her about the blessing and she seemed fine with it. Then we exchanged back and I went to sleep for a really long time.

I hate being sick, but those two experiences have helped a lot to build my faith and help me develop into a stronger person. One of my thoughts as I started falling asleep that night was how impressed my mom would be that I didn't just complain and sleep all day, which was my normal routine during illness back home.

Well I gotta go. We are exploring Santa Fe today so it should be fun :-)

Elder Inman

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