Monday, March 21, 2011


Hi from Las Cruces,

This has been a very eventful week, starting with
last Preparation Day when we went mountain bike riding. We showed up to A Mountain and
read the sign at the entrance saying that the bike trails were not suitable for beginners and grew
even more excited about our coming adventure. It was so rocky and steep that we
were not even able to bike up most of it and had to carry the bikes on our backs
for the majority of the incline of the mountain. When we finally reached the top
we celebrated, took pictures, prayed, and prepared for our descent back down the
mountain. Most of the missionaries at that time decided they were not up for the
ride down and took a side road instead so they did not have to mess with the
rocky trails. Since I used to mountain bike I assumed, for some odd reason, that
I would still be good at it and didn't think twice about going the easy way.

I pridefully began riding down with the only two other Elders that
agreed to take on the trails and very shortly hit a good sized rock going way to
fast and flew over my handle bars. I slid a couple feet after hitting the ground
and then collided head first with another large rock, immediately very thankful
for the helmet rule. My head whipped sideways pretty hard and two of my teeth
were hit and chipped in the accident. We continued our ride after I got myself
together again and after our return home I nursed my wounds, cleaned myself up,
and we went out ready to work. Thankfully there is a member chiropractor and
dentist near our area so I am all fixed up now with a crazy story to carry with
me :-)

We also had a very successful week with missionary work. Our trust with the
members in the area has continued to build and is now resulting in quite a few
member referrals and new investigators. It is really excited to have our days
filled with meeting new people, teaching appointments, and supporting and
training the other missionaries in our zone. This past week we were referred to
a college student who after talking with us decided that we truly are sent from
God to help him and agreed to come to church and continue with the lessons. Even
though much of our ward was gone with spring break he loved being there and
wants to continue learning more. I wish I could write about all the people we
are teaching right now and the miracles that are happening, but we are spending
the majority of our preparation day helping another referral dig trenches for
her pecan trees and we need to get over there soon.

I love you all and
am so thankful for the support I have as a missionary!

Elder Inman

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