Monday, March 14, 2011

Another crazy one

Hey everyone,

This is going to be another super fast and short email
because I am getting my haircut today and then going biking again, but this time
with the zone, so my time is short. Im sorry my emails have been so pitiful
lately, but it seems like the longer I am out the less time I have to get
everything done in a day. Each day of the week seems to be growing shorter and
the list of things to get done continues to grow larger. Somehow it always ends
up working out great though :-) So here goes my highlight reel:

- We went
to Catholic Mass yesterday with one of our investigators in the University ward.
When we invited her to our church she asked if we would be willing to go to
her's as well to see what it is like, which of course we were OK with. So last
night from 7:30-8:30 I sat in my fist Mass. The Spirit was very noticeably different there, and with
all of the ceremonial procedures that they do I was not able to ponder about
Christ very much at all, but it was still a good experience to meet new people,
and I think many of those close to us felt the spirit we carried. During the
session the Father even took the time to come down and personally and shake our
hands, which our investigator said has never happened to her. Then afterwards
we(our investigator and us) were invited by some girls we met at a recent
University activity about religion to take a tour and they mentioned how cool it
is to be around Mormons :-) They were way fun to talk to and we decided we are
going to try to organize a LDS/Catholic activity some time soon, which has to be
some kind of anomaly.

- We had an incredible spiritual experience this
week that made me even more thankful for the companionship of the Holy Ghost, and my calling as a missionary. A couple
nights ago after dinner I felt a little sick to my stomach and we thought it
would be best to call it a night early and get some rest considering how
non-stop we had been going all day. As we neared our home I felt like we needed
to go visit a potential investigator that we have not been able to contact for a
while, so we turned around and drove out to her house instead. We walked up to
her door in the dark and she was standing outside waiting for us already. She
told us she did not have much time to talk but asked if we could give her a
blessing(we still don't know how she knows about those). We brought a chair over
and gave her a very powerful blessing in her front yard and then afterward with
tears streaming she said that she couldn't believe we actually came. She had
prayed us to her home! Over and over she kept saying how amazing it was that we
showed up and asked if we could continue working with her.

continue to happen and I wish I had enough time to tell about the many more that
I have witnessed just this last week. Being a missionary is so

I love you all,

Elder Inman

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