Tuesday, February 1, 2011



My mind and body are really tired today so I will probably be sure to keep this entry short. Blessings and miracles are happening here, but only after many hours of difficult labor and right now I really wish I could take some time to just lay down and sleep. The great thing about missionary work is that I know as soon as it is time to go see someone or teach a lesson I will be filled with energy and alertness again, which considering our schedule is a miracle in itself. It is a good feeling to walk up to a door for an appointment with my eyes drooping with fatigue and then suddenly be excited and teaching with enthusiasm just minutes later, not even remembering how tired I had been.

This has been such a great week though! Elder Yardley and I taught one of our most powerful lessons so far with the girl who is getting baptized this Friday. Most of our lessons with her have been strong and filled with the spirit, but this time it was almost tangible and at the end tears filled many eyes and friends were hugging each other because of the joy they felt. After the lesson I couldn't keep tears from filling my own eyes as I walked to our car (van) and pondered on the miracle of conversion and how much joy I see in people who are coming closer to Christ. Through trying to further dedicate myself to the Lord I am growing a deeper love for those I serve, and each day grow more amazed that the Lord is trusting me with so many of his children when I see more and more how I am lacking as his servant. I am just thankful that the Lord is able to work through me regardless of my weakness' and we are being blessed again this weekend by seeing someone make sacred covenants with God.

Another tender mercy we had this week came while teaching, for the first time, a young women who has struggled in the past but wants to come back to church. We had set up an appointment and had a couple YSA from the ward with us to teach but the appointment fell through, so we rescheduled for the next day. Since the people we had with us the first time were in class or at work we asked two other people to come with us and this time the appointment went through. The two we had with us the second time happened to have gone through the same trials this young women is going through and as they bore testimony the Spirit rushed in with force. At the end of the lesson we offered to give her a priesthood blessing, and in the blessing it said that if she continued making correct choices she would help lead her family back to activity as well. Before we left she said she would come to church, which 45 minutes ago was not a possibility according to her. She did come, and she brought her mom and sister with her. When we were talking to them after-wards her mom said they would be back next Sunday and thanked us for teaching her daughter because she has now become their angel to being them back.

Well, much more has happened but I have already written more then expected and my time is running short. Thanks to everyone who is sending prayers our way! The work is continuing to progress and many are being blessed as a result.


Elder Inman

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