Tuesday, December 28, 2010



Sorry I wasn't able to write yesterday. We went to our usual place to email and it was closed for the Holidays so we had to find another place to email. It was a fun preparation day though. The whole district got together and we played volleyball at the church and then we watched a home-made movie by Elder Krahenbuhl's family, which was hilarious! I have been so blessed to be in a district where all of the missionaries get along and we can do things like that together. The preparation day before that Brother Boliver, our Ward Mission Leader, took us out to hike a hill with a bunch of ancient writing on it, probably from just after Christ's Death. Guess who was on this continent about that time :-)

We are looking forward to another great week of missionary work. It was so great to call home, or Skype, and talk to our families and now we are even more motivated to be incredible missionaries. This may end up being a trying week as well though. It feels like because we have been blessed with so much success Satan is trying hard to slow us down and we are having some very unexpected let downs. But just like Joseph Smith said, the most tribulation will come when we are accomplishing the most good, and there is a lot of good happening in Belen right now. So I suppose I should take those trials to mean that we are doing what we are supposed to, and we should feel it a type of compliment.

Have an amazing New Years celebration, and remember all the hard working missionaries when you are thinking of your resolutions. We could always use the extra help finding those who are prepared to meet with us :-)


Elder Inman

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