Monday, October 18, 2010

Week 6

Hey everyone,

This is week six of transfers which means this Saturday we find out if we are getting transferred or not... Ahhhhh, this is always such a week of butterflies as we wait to find out where we will be for the next six weeks, and who we will be serving with. I am pretty positive both Elder Thatcher and I will be staying here, but of course it is never for sure until we get the call letting us know. I am very much hoping we are right in thinking we are staying! Well I'm going to go ahead and get started with how our week has been in Belen :-)

- In our Zone Conference a couple weeks ago, when Elder Zivick spoke (the attached picture), he recommended each missionary getting a blessing from the bishop of the ward in which he is serving to help the work progress. This is something I am wanting to continue for the rest of my mission. Elder Thatcher and I got our blessings from Bishop Hanchett here yesterday after church and it was a great experience. The blessings spoke of the unity in our companionship as well as the unity and excitement that is forming in the ward regarding missionary work. After we were done with the blessings the bishop shook our hands and said that the missionary work is going better now then it has since the ward began, and most certainly since he became bishop, and that he is very excited to see the miracles that come of it. I cant take credit for the success, or future success, here though because the ward's faith and work is the reason for it, and I'm just happy to be a part of it.

- Barbara and her great grandson came to church this Sunday and both are very excited for their approaching baptismal dates. She got two calls from ward members and a visit from the bishop encouraging her to go to church so they are definitely being embraced by the ward.

- I love it here. Its great going from an area where we were happy with a 5 lesson week, 9 lessons being our highest and the highest in the last 9 months, to an area where we are now averaging 15 lessons and we need more then one hand to count the people who are progressing and moving towards baptism. My excitement for missionary work continues to grow and the time keeps passing faster. Preparation days come and feel like an inconvenience now because I am not out teaching or talking to as many people about Christ and his gospel. Suddenly I am looking back wondering where the past few months have gone and I want to be sure the months coming are even better.

Sorry this letter is so short and uninspiring. We have another busy day ahead of us and I am super worn out so my brain is running a little more slowly then usual (hoping for a short nap today, lol). I love you and am praying for you though!


Elder Inman

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