Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just Great

Hey Everyone,

This week has been another great one to add to the list (I would say diary but sadly I am still horrible at writing in it). I am loving my mission more and more each day, and now it is beginning to feel like it is slipping away to quickly. 8 months already?! Our apartment is finally clean, we have our area organized, and we are being extremely blessed with the people we have to teach. It is nothing short of a miracle with how well this area is doing and my companion and I are already talking about how we better not get transferred out. Just a real quick example of how the Lord is sending people to us to be taught- Last week Brother Chavez came to church. This is amazing because he is not a member and has not been to church for 32 years (or something like that). Most of his family are members, and he had taken the lessons at one time but never attended an actual meeting. Yesterday at church he said that he went out that morning to shoe his horses and as he was going over everything he had to do that day he suddenly thought 'wait, I need to go to church'. We will be meeting with him later this week to see if he is ready to take the lessons again.

This area really is white and already to harvest, and we are being so blessed for what work we have been able to do so far. I have seen faster and more exciting progress here then either of my other areas, and other missionaries who hear about it are thrown back with surprise. Barbara and her grandson are preparing for baptism on the 6th of November (she said a dream she had told her it needed to be in November), Keith (who we found tracting a couple weeks ago) is preparing to be baptised on the 20th of November, and last week we began teaching an 11 year old in a part-member family who said he wants to be baptised on the 30th of October. We also have begun teaching a lady who asked for our help moving her couch last week, and her neighbors, who are members, said they want us to teach their grandchild because he wants to be baptised. On that same street we tracted into a lady who said she wants to read the Book of Mormon and we have our first appointment with her this Wednesday. And Leon, the guy who knocked on our door during interviews with President Miller, came to church on Sunday and we should be meeting with him tonight for his first missionary lesson. We also visited a former investigator who said she just decided to start attending a church with her daughter and that since we were there it might as well be our church, and that she would like us to teach them. And to top it all off we received a promising referral this morning :-)

Wow, I have so much I want to write about, but I have to get going so I'm going to bullet point real fast. My paragraph structures in this are pretty sad anyways so I don't think anyone will mind the change to bullet points to much:

- We had Zone Conference this week and a General Authority, Elder Zivick (spelling may be off), spoke at it. It was incredible and the way he taught made me want to be a much stronger teacher.

- Our ward is moving forward with missionary work faster and stronger then I had imagined or even prayed for. The success here so far is largely due to the faith and hard work of the members in the area, and they seem as excited as we are.

- Lately I have noticed I am more in tune with the spirit and more able to follow His promptings then any other time in my life so far. I have seen so many miracles as a result of following very small promptings that at the time didn't seem important. A couple weeks ago we were working with someone who told us he wants to be active again, and he asked us for a priesthood blessing. This happens all the time, and of course we give them a blessing as asked, but this time I told him that we will give it to him the next time we come by. I wasn't sure why I said that, or even that I was following a prompting, but Yesterday I saw the result of it. We had a member of the stake presidency visit and in one of our meetings he mentioned that he knew him and wanted us to go with him to visit him. Turns out they were both baptised into the church at about the same time and were very close, but had lost touch with eachother through the years. It was a beautiful reunion and he gave the blessing that we were asked to give a week earlier and the spirit filled the room and touched the heart of everyone there. It sounds like a small thing, but miracles like that are happening on an almost daily basis. I love it!

- My companion loves the package we received from my family, and of course I love it as well.

Well this is really long and we have to go continue with our day.

I love you all!

Elder Inman

PS, thank you for all you do Batman Family!

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