Monday, June 21, 2010



It has been such a PHENOMENAL week! There are so many great things that happened this week, so I will do my best to write them all down. Here it goes:

- We had the baptism of Rick and his son Jace this week on Thursday, and it was one of the most uplifting and exciting experiences of my mission so far. It started out with the Healys showing up with all of Sister Healys family, and all of them looked really excited and happy. Sister Healys dad is the one that was asked to perform the baptism, and the whole time he was on the verge of tears because he was so excited about it. He told me that he was a convert as well and never had the opportunity to baptise any of his kids so this felt like he Finlay got that chance. Then, a couple minutes before the baptism began Carson, their daughter, came up to me and said that when she walked in she knew that she needed to get baptised, and that she wanted to be baptised with her dad. I told her that we would not be able to get her ready for that in 10 minutes but that we will prepare her and then in a couple weeks her dad would be able to be the one to baptise her. She was a little disappointed at first but then got really happy with the thought of her dad baptising her. Then the baptism went incredible, with the whole family on the verge of tears the whole time, and the spirit flooded the entire room.

Last night we went and visited with the Healys again for the first time after the baptism and they are on fire with the gospel. Turns out they went and visited with Ricks mom, who hates the church and thinks its a cult, and she told Carson to never get baptised because our church isn't christian and we worship seagulls, which was new to me. Carson had always sided with her during discussions like this but they said this time she handed her grandma a Book of Mormon and said that she is getting baptised because she knows this church is true, and then explained that we really do worship Christ. In this same conversation we had with them last night we found out that 9 years ago Rick had kicked the missionaries out of their house and told Holly that he never wants anything to do with our church for the rest of his life. The spirit again flooded the room as Rick bore his testimony of the truthfulness of the restored gospel and said that since his baptism he has felt a sense of peace and happiness that he hadn't known was possible. Each of them has had the change of heart spoken of so many times in the scriptures, and being a part of that has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. They are happier now then they have ever been, and they are continuing to grow stronger and stronger as a family.

One last things about the Healys that is more funny then uplifting, because if made me feel really loved by them. On Saturday night we got our transfer news. and of course I get to stay here in Ventana Ranch, which I had told the Healys I would be staying a couple days before. Some how as news spread by word of mouth it got to Hollys parents that I was getting transferred to their ward, when it is actually Elder Cochran, another missionary in my district, who is getting sent up their.Yesterday the Healys were at their house for Fathers day when they head that I was getting transferred. Rick said that she started crying and arguing with them saying that they are wrong because I already told them I was staying. She went on to them about what a big blessing I have been to their family and that I cant get transferred yet. She was very happy to find out that I'm staying, lol. This is a family that I hope to stay friends with for the rest of my life, because they have been an equally great blessing in my life.

- We had Stake Conference yesterday, and the Stake President said some things that I wanted to share with as many people as I can. After he spoke the presiding General Authority, Elder Roberts, stood up and told us that the words which were spoken were heaven sent and if there was any disputing with them we are arguing with Heavenly Fathers council. The Stake President spoke of families, and the spiritual roots that need to grow if we are to be eternal families. He said that nothing should ever take priority over the gospel, and if we are then those roots will not grow and families will not survive beyond the grave. He listed a couple things to see if we as families really place the gospel first in our homes: Do we move FHE day to another day besides Monday so that kids can attend other activities? Do we have family scripture study every day despite hectic schedules? Do we allow children to get involved in activities that pull them away from any seminary or youth nights? Is more free time spent outside the home then inside it? Does anything get in the way of activities designated by the prophet? If any of us answer YES to any of these questions then we are putting the things of the world ahead of the gospel, which means we are allowing the things of the world to stop us from being an eternal family. He said that for a while he would hold family nights on Sunday instead of Mondays because his daughter was involved in a school activity that wouldn't allow her to attend FHE. It was an activity that was good and would help her further her Resume for college, and he didn't see any problem with simply moving FHE to a different day. He then said that he has repented of that since but still sufferers from some of the consequences of ignoring the prophets council. I grew more and more thankful for my parents and family the more he spoke, and said a short prayer thanking Heavenly Father that I was blessed with parents that wouldn't give in when we as kids would try our best to convince them that it was alright to miss seminary of FHE for sports or other school events. There is nothing more important then making sure our families become eternal, so why would we let insignificant things get in our way of that goal?

- Another just fun thing.. I found out that Ventana Ranch had always been an area that missionaries were disappointed to get called to since it was small, low baptising, and all the houses look the same. I'm so glad that I didn't know this before hand because I'm scared it may have lessened my excitement of being here. Now though, Ventana Ranch was where many missionaries wanted to be called to because it has spread across the mission how great the ward is, and also that the baptisms have gone from below average to more then quadrupling the average for our mission. This is an area and people that I will always love, and hope so much that I get to stay her for a couple more transfers, but I am afraid I might not have many more left here... Every one here has been such a great blessing to me! Oh and I found out that my new comp is Elder. Thatcher. I don't know much about his yet so Ill keep you updated. Its very questionable that he can be better then E. Sumpter though, I have loved this transfer so much!

Well, I didn't get as much written as I had hoped but I need to get going now... I love you guys and hope and pray that all is going well back home!


Elder Inman


  1. I always love your emails!!! I didn't know we worshiped seagulls! LOL!! How wonderful that you've had such great success with that family. You will always be such an important part of their life!! Sounds like you're doing an awesome job. I know Tom grew to love the poeple he was serving very much, so I think that's very normal. I love you tons!!!!
    G-ma ():-)

  2. hey , i'm up here in alaska (aurora)and i am also very grateful for parents who didn't give in. it is up to harrison eve and i to remember to do our family scripture reading and prayer. it has been a stuggle remembering, but we have been doing it.i miss you tons and love you!!! we are on opposite sides of the U.S!!! but i can stll see you doing YOUR scripture study and prayer!!!!, thank you!!!!