Tuesday, June 8, 2010

107 degrees!

Hey everyone :-)

This was a crazy week, a major part of that being because this weekend it hit 107 degrees! It felt like I was knocking doors in an oven, but each time someone answered I felt a great cool breeze pour out. This week has made me so thankful for a car so that I can enjoy a little air conditioning every once in a while, and also for an apartment with great air conditioning so I can come home to a cool place. Well I happen to like the weird bullet point thing I have been doing so I'm going to go ahead and tell you about my week that way again.

- We now have 4 people on date for baptism! Our bishop is so excited because that will make 6 baptisms since I started working in this area, and since this area opened 2 years ago it has only had 7 total. We are being so blessed in our work, and I think even more then that the ward is being blessed for their diligence in inviting people to church and making them feel welcome as soon as they do come. Yesterday I was talking to my companion and told him that I wouldn't mind spending the next year and a half in this ward because it has been so incredible for the past couple months. Seeing these families take steps to becoming an eternal unit through baptism and planning for the temple is bringing more joy to me personally then I could have ever imagined prior to being out here.

- The Heallys are doing incredible right now as well, and I am so excited about them as a family. They are going through so many trials right now, and I can tell Satan is working hard on them, but they are still striving to do what is right. Last week I was on an exchange with one of the Zone Leaders and I had us out knocking doors when I felt prompted to go to the Heallys. I had talked to them the day before and our schedule was pretty packed so I thought about ignoring the prompting, but then quickly decided against it and went directly to their home. Sister Heally invited us in right away and said that she had been praying we would decide to stop by because she needed to talk to us. She broke down pretty quickly as she explained that it feels like as soon as they start taking steps forward they are forced to fall back and lose progress. It turns out that they were doing some work for family on the side because they were having a hard month financially and then that morning the people they were doing the work for decided they didn't want to pay them and told them not to come back, which meant they would most likely lose their home in just a couple days. Brother Heally is an extremely hard working fireman, but the city just cut back their salary so they were having trouble re-adjusting to their new income. I read the story of Alma and his people after they escaped from King Noah and bore testimony that everything they are going through is going to help their family become stronger and closer. Her countenance began to change slowly and then by the end she was smiling non stop and going on and on about how happy she is that her husband and son are getting baptised (their daughter is taking a little longer). She said that the night we asked him to be baptised was the happiest night they have had in months. She said that the morning before we asked they were all at his moms house talking and it came up that he was meeting with the missionaries. I guess his mom told him right away that its fine to meet with us but he better never get baptised, which is part of the reason Sister Heally was so surprised when he said yes to us. Then just a couple days ago their son was talking to the grandma and she told him not to get baptised and he said "to bad, I'm already getting baptised so your just to late". This is a very long run on paragraph but I am just so excited and have so much to say about them! Even though they are going through some really major hardships they constantly tell us how happy they are and that they are excited to be able to go through the temple together.

Well I only have time for two bullet points today because we have to get going. Looking over this letter I guess it is pretty unorganized and random, I will try to work on fixing that next time I am just really pushed for time today. Keep the prayers coming! I know they are helping and the people in Ventana Ranch are being richly blessed from them, as well as myself. I am constantly amazed by how much happiness being a missionary brings to me, and love it so much.


Elder Inman

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