Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week 2 at the MTC

Sorry, I meant District Leader, but now I have been called to serve as Zone Leader so I guess it doesn't matter how I miss typed the last one. And you can go ahead and just put the money into the acount since I have the card with me. There have been a lot of extra expenses I wasnt expecting, plus $70 min is needed to get on my flight to New Mexico. But I know the Lord is watching over me, as well as my family. Thank you!I am going to the temple today so I will be sure to put the Ellis' on the prayer roll :-)
And now the letter...
It has been a very intense and trying week for my companion and I. That cough I had before I left came back and attacked me pretty hard, making me very congested, putting intense pressure in my head, and causing me to cough constantly. It started on Tuesday, and on Friday I even had to have my companion retire early that night and miss the planning period, which we did the morning after. I recieved a blessing though, and almost right away began feeling better, and now it is all but gone. One more reason to be thankful for the priesthood power!Other then being sick it went great though.
We are still getting up early every morning and getting more study time in, and each week my companion has fasted with me so that we could keep the sabath day as holy as possible, which I feel has been a major blessing for both of us. As for the snoring, we have been praying that it would not keep my roomates up, and lo and behold I almost completely stop snoring each time we do. Wow, who knew the answer was that easily available.
And then last Tuesday night we were all able to listen to an incredible speaker, and General Authority, Richard G. Hinckley as well as his wife. They were amazing! He is so much like his father in that he is very humorous, and is able to get very powerful messages across with very short bursts. He said that when his father was asked how the church is able to get such esteemed members who are busy with very professionaly productive lives to give up thier lives for years at a time to serve as mission presidents his father replied simply "We ask them". So powerful, and so fun to listen to!
My companion and I had another great learning and teaching experience also while teaching in the TA, teaching appointment. We were supposed to teach the second lesson, which we taught some of, but the investigator had so many questions about baptism that we spent most of our time on that subject, and on the authority in the church. I didn't feel to good when I left because the spirit whispered to me that we overlooked something, and that we were meant to do more with him.
We went back for a second appointment and that time asked more questions about his personal life and discovered that his wife had died one year ago, and that his real concern was her being able to take part, and them ending up together since his pastor told him that they wont. My companion told a great story about a friend of his, which made our investigators eyes water, and then I bore very solemn testimony. I could not hold back the tears and then Ron, the investigator began crying as well, and said that he felt what he knew to be the spirit of God.I am so excited for this coming week!
I was a little dissapointed when I was told we were called as the Zone Leaders because I very much loved the service I was called to as the District Leader, but their are two more districts coming in this week to my Zone, and we get a chance to serve in an even greater capacity. I know that God qualifies he whom he calls, and He has already been blessing us with inspiration on how best to help, serve, inspire, uplift, and prepare those intrusted into our care. This is such an incredible work.
Well my laundry is going to be done soon so I have to wrap this up. This is probably the last time I will be writing from the MTC since we leave the day before next Pday and Im not sure how they want us to handle that, especualy with clothe washing and everything. This has been a very random letter, but there is just so much I want to so that worrying about grammer wasnt considered. Please fix it mom, lol.
A Very Joyful servant of the Lord,Elder Inman


  1. My Prayers are with Our wonderful Elder Inman!
    This is the first time I have been able to be on a computer long enough to actually read my
    E-mail. I must get some $$ off to you to
    help out. Love Aunt Kathleen

  2. Dear Elder Inman ~ As I read your letter I'm so impressed with the Spirit I feel from you. I am so very proud of you and of the great work you are accomplishing. I had to laugh when you asked your Mom to fix any grammar needing fixing (that's like asking her to correct your spelling LOL!!!). I hope I can write to you when you're on your mission. My right hand and shoulder are recovering from being broken (my hand) and rotator cuff surgery (my shoulder). It's difficult for me to handwrite anything. I'm not allowed to drive or ride for 3 to 6 wks which means I have to ask for rides to Physical Therapy twice a week, therapy twice a week, Group once a week, Church, etc., etc., etc. And it's so hard for me to ask for help. It's much easier for me to give than recieve!! I hope things work out for you financially!! I have no money, but I'd send some if I did. How wonderful to be able to listen to Gen. Auth. so often!! You will do so much wonderful work on your mission!!

    I Love You So Much!!! G-ma ():-)

  3. He is such an amazing young man. I am honored to call him my nephew!