Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week 1

We are only alloted 30 mins on here a week to send emails, to family only, and some of that time was taken with the set up so this will be a pretty short email, but thats alright because I put the bulk of what I wanted to say into the latter I am sending off today, and Im sure mom will do a wonderful job of taking that and transfering some of the improtant things to her blog :-)I really really do miss all of you so much! The first night here I almost broke down thinking about all the wonderful memories I have with each of you, and that I realy wont see any of you again for at least two years. Please send me some family pictures out asap! But I prayed for strength and havent had the same trouble I had the first night so dont be worried about me, and Ill do my best not to worry about you all to much.
I have an incredible district! I am amazed at how much I am beginning to love each of the elders and sisters after such a short amount of time. Because of the preperation my parents have helped with growing up I am further along with alot of the doctrinal knowlege, and sales is already helping me with my communication, but I have noticed so many things in each of these wonderful missionaries that I am very much lacking on, which has been a surprisingly humbling experience which Im sure will continue.I have worked very hard, and prayed for long periods of time, so that I may better be able to become a missionary, as well as be a strength and a teacher to the rest of my district. Because of this I have been blessed with increased love and insight into how to help each of them as individuals and as companionships. My calling as district manager has only served to increase this desire, and has brought forth more spiritual promptings then I had originaly hoped for. It made me feel like I was doing an alright job when yesterday at dinner the sisters were saying how the elders felt like little brothers, since the sisters are a couple years older. Except for Elder Inman they all pointed out, which made me smile bigger then I meant to. I guess they feel like I am much more of an older brother, or even a father figure here because of how much I strive to take care and lead them.
And since I am talking about companions I should probably tell you about mine, Elder Anderson. He is an incredible missionary in training who is truely striving to be the best he can to allow the spirit full access to work. He has, without asking, awoken half an hour early every morning with me, which the rest of my dorm is now doing, so that we can better prepare for the day and not be rushed with prayers. He has also taken shorter meals so that we can fit more study and preperation in, and ran with me from appointment to apointment without any sign of murmuring. In fact he is very happy about how much work we are doing, even though a couple days ago he said it is wearing him completely out every day trying to keep up. I would say that helps him sleep like a baby at night, but my unusually short time it takes to fall asleep combined with my very loud snoring has hindered that a little. Good luck Harrison :-) You are just as bad as me
Well my time is running very short, and we have to go get our luandry put into the dryer so I better get going. I still have a lot to tell you, but I guess with how packed our days have been with spiritual experiences and learning there is no possible way I could tell you more then a small fraction of my experience so far. Suffice it to say that this have been on of the hardest, most tiring, and most incredible weeks of my life!
Thank you so much for the help all of you have been in preparing me for this so that I can be properly used by the lord. Thank you mom and dad for being the very best examples I could ever hope for, because everytime now I think of either one of you, and the lessons you taught, I have to turn away because of the tears that form. I wish I could give each of my family members one last hug and say I love you, but I pray that you can know that.
Love,Your very happy son, Elder Inman
PS, in the letter I am sending out today there is a short story about a lesson we taught that I think you will enjoy :-)


  1. It's obvious that you will be a fantastic missionary and bless the lives of everyone you meet. I'm so proud of you!!

  2. That is so sweet! He sounds so incredibly grown up, which I guess he is. Send him our love!

    (Sorry, I only know how to post anonymous) :-)