Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Christmas

Ho Ho Hola,

I have to make this a very short email. This morning we ended up going
to a play that our investigators son is in, went out to IHOP with
them, and then had to go pick up some other missionaries that do not
have a car. Now we are super behind schedule and having to cut our
emails short. Sorry!!

We had an incredible experience this week that I wanted to share
before we had to leave emails. On Tuesday we went out to work after
our studies and lunch. We had scheduled to go try by several people
and then knock doors for a little while since we did not have any set
appointments. As we were driving to our first person my companion and
I both noticed that something felt different. By the time we arrived
to his house we both knew that the Lord wanted us doing something
different then what we had planned so we turned around and drove home.
When we got home we pulled out the area book, which contains names and
information on everyone the missionaries have worked with since the
area opened, and began looking through the names very prayerfully. We
spent hours doing this.

Then I opened to a family that was taught almost three years ago and
instantly my eyes filled with tears and I knew we had to visit them. I
knew completely that they would still live there(which is rare with
records that old), that we would be able to contact them(also rare),
that they would listen to us, and that I was looking at a name
prepared by the Lord. Before dinner that night we went by their house
and no one was home so I left a note on the door saying "The Lord has
told us that we need to visit you and we will be back tomorrow".
Normally I am not quite that bold, but I was so confident in the
impression I received that I thought they should know.

We stopped by the next day and he was outside by his car in his
garage. I yelled his name, knowing it was him, and we started talking.
If anyone ever thinks God is not watching over them think again! Our
timing with stopping by was so perfect that it actually ended up
taking a good amount of time just to convince him that his mom did not
send us over, who we found out is also a member but not currently
active. The day we stopped by his wife, the only person employed in
the family, lost her job and they were very worried. Amazing isn't
it?! The exact day we stop by is the day they found out that they had
no income going into Christmas. Right away I set them up with the ward
employment specialist, took them to the library and built her a great
looking resume, and suggested places to apply with me as a reference
considering I am friends with the owners. When I shared how we found
them they were both in awe and I was powerfully able to tell them that
we were sent by God because he loves them, and that their lives will
be changed by the message that we are going to share with them.

Ahhhh, I love being a missionary so much!

Elder Inman

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