Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Pics


First, an explanation of the pictures-

Yep, my good suite is no longer... I have taken great care of it, hung it up about every night and avoided rain in it, but it just was not made to handle a Mormon mission, lol. The seat was beginning to wear through to the point where I could almost see through it, but I thought I was in good shape because I had just dry cleaned the black one dad gave me. I took out the black one and as I was getting dressed I discovered the dry cleaners had ruined the zipper, which of course they are not responsible for. So instead I found a great member in the ward who offered replace the zipper for me. While repairing them said she has never seen such well made suite pants and is not surprised by how long they have lasted. She thinks they will last another mission(Harrison). I wore my blue suite the day she was working on my pants and on the way out the door after lunch Elder Evans stopped me and said I needed to change because there was a hole in my pants. I looked in the mirror and saw the pants had worn through all the way and had no hope of repair :-( I wore one of Elder Evans suites for the day instead. I was blessed to be in a ward with such an excellent seamstress, and my black suite is in great shape! It's amazing how much wear and tear a mission will give clothes. She also had to sew up a white shirt that was falling apart, my proselyting shoes are beginning to deteriorate, I am onto my second belt, and many of my ties have fallen apart. I know exactly what Harrison needs for his mission now though!

And the story behind the snake... We were knocking doors and as we approached this one I noticed something weird and stepped back to see a huge snake waiting to pounce. I pulled my companion back and we moved to the side of the house for a better view. We were horrified to knock on the door because that meant we had to walk right under it, which we thought meant a very painful death at the least. So of course the first thing I did was take a picture, and then we strategized what to do to get to the door. Our strategy was weak though... It came down to me running to the door, knocking, and then running back out so fast that the snake wouldn't know I had even been there, lol. After closer examination we have decided the snake is most likely fake, but it made for a good adrenaline rush and story!

Hope you like the pics!

This was also our first week being able to attend church in our new ward, since conference was last week. We loved it! The ward here is absolutely amazing and far surpasses my expectations for them. We stopped into priests quorum to see who was available to go out and work with us through the week and every one of them gave us their number and said they would love to go out tracting, teaching, and anything else we may need them for. We also met with our ward mission leader and ward missionaries and each of them are ready to go out working with us as well. I am very impressed with the ward here and am confident the work in this area will pick up very rapidly with their help. After just one week we are already being blessed with more lessons taught then they have in many months here and there are several people we have found that have expressed interest in learning more about the church. The excitement is quickly growing in the ward and Elder Evans and I love being here.

Elder Inman

PS. I do not need a new suite, shoes, ties, or anything else. I just wanted to show you because its good mission humor. I am doing just dandy and the Lord is taking care of me :-)

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  1. LOL! The snake part was just too funny. Glad you survived. . .at least better than your suits and shoes have so far. :-)
    Love you and wish you all the best. Thanks so much for these amazing updates!