Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Hey everyone,
Hecticity is a new word that we learned/made up this week and it means that life is moving way faster then we think it should and we are having a hard time keeping up with it. It will probably be showing up in the dictionary soon enough so keep your eyes open for it... Elder Willden and I are both blown away that we are already over half way through this transfer and even though we have accomplished a lot we still do not understand how time has run by so quickly. We had training in the stake center near my greenie, first, area today and as I walked to lunch during break there were so many flashbacks from when I was a brand new missionary, and it does not feel long ago at all. At the end of training Elder Yardley, an awesome former companion of mine, gave his departing testimony and I realized again how short my time is as a missionary. Two years feels way to short!
So now that I am done with my sad ranting Ill tell a fun story from our training that took place today and yesterday. The training is for all of the new missionary trainers, district leaders, and zone leaders in the north part of the mission, which comes out to about 30 missionaries in attendance. During the two days of training the focus was on "Revelation through the Book of Mormon", "We Invite, They Commit, We Follow Up", "Teach People, Not Lessons", and "How to Begin Teaching", all of which are lessons now used in the MTC and throughout the world to help missionaries learn Peach My Gospel principles better. Three companionships were asked to prepare a training segment, Elder Willden and myself included.
As the first set of Elders did their training we were shocked that somehow their training was almost the exact same as ours. How does that happen??? So we took a short lunch and then used the rest of our break to go over what we were going to train on and tweak it just a little so that we could look somewhat original and keep the missionaries attention, and then jumped into our training. At the end of our training I pointed out that we do not collaborate together about how we are training and that our training being so similar meant that it was something God really wanted us to learn. After we finished training President Miller got up and echoed what we had said and the rest of the two days followed that same theme. I love that the Lord's hand is so evidently in this, his work!
I wish I could continue to tell you all about the miracles of this last week, but we have more to go be a part of :-)
Love You,
Elder Inman

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