Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tough one

Hello again,

Well, the Lord saw fit to try us this week, which I am confident means there are some amazing blessings just around the corner. I do not want to go into detail about the trials because some of them probably should not be posted on the internet, but it was one of the more spiritually trying weeks of my mission thus far. Sunday afternoon I felt very worn and wanted to find a place alone, which is impossible as a missionary, and just cry for a little while because of things that happened with investigators that I really care about. I started being very critical of myself and tried to criticize every thing I did to find out why certain things had happened but I kept running into a wall because it seemed out of my control. I have worked hard and been dedicated, but I could not help trying to root the the sad events to something I had done. Finally that feeling faded and I knew that everything that had happened was in the Lords hands. I felt peace wash over me as I sat and listened to our Stake's Easter Music production, and reflected on the events of Christ's life.

There were some really great things that happened this week as well though. I got my new companion and he seems like a great missionary. It is taking our ward's a little while to get used to seeing me with another missionary, but so far it seems they are warming up to him quickly. We had some amazing experiences that are helping both of us grow and become better missionaries. He just hit his 18 month mark so this is a great time in his mission to have trying experiences to test what type of missionary he is, as well as who he wants to be going home in 6 months. I look forward to this coming transfer with him as we learn from each other and bless the lives of many people in Las Cruces!


Elder Inman

(from April 11th)
Bitter Sweet

Hola everyone,

We got transfer news this morning and my companion Elder Yardley is leaving to Abq again :-( We were doing so well together, and in the area, so I am not real sure why he is being transferred away after just 3 transfers in this area. The University ward is doing so well right now that we have almost no time to work in the other ward because of all the teaching appointments we have each day, along with the training we are doing with missionaries in our zone. Our investigator pool has grown by at least 5 fold in the last transfer compared to many transfers before. But I am confident the transfer is inspired so I look forward to whatever is in the future. My new companion, who I will be picking up on Wednesday, is Elder Karren(who I know nothing about). I will be training him how to be a new Zone Leader, and Im sure he is very excited about where he is coming considering his very first half day here is packed with appointments during every hour of the day, and the zone is doing great.

This was another week of miracles and a lot of fun being a full time servant of the Lord. For the first time in this stake, and mission for all I know, we are holding a stake training for all ward mission leaders and missionaries combined, so we spent some time this week preparing for that with the high counselor over missionary work. We also hit a new high for new investigators in this zone and stories of miracle findings are spreading to create even greater excitement. The weather is great, we are teaching lots of amazing people, members are coming back to activity, miracles are happening about every day, and there is no where I would rather be. This is such a great feeling!


Elder Inman

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