Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Week

Hey everyone,

This has been an absolutely blessed week, once again. I have to keep it super short though so I will go ahead and do the boring bullit points again. Sorry... I meant to upload some pictures to make up for it but I forgot my camera, so I will try to do that next week.

- Barbara and her great grandson were both baptised and it was one of the greatest experiences of my mission so far! A couple weeks ago I told everyone a little about the dream that she had that basicaly sealed her commitment to be baptised, but I am going to elaborate on it a little more now. We had asked her to be baptised the end of October, which she had agreed to work towards, but then she had a dream that pushed that back. She said that in her dream she was baptised in November by a man in white, but also that there were two people looking down on her and one more man in white at her head, also in the font. Most of the dream made sense so of course we pushed it back to November 6th. As we talked to her about her dream we told her that the man baptising her will be in white, as she will be, and that the two people looking down on her will be the witnessed, my companion and I. But we couldnt figure out who the other person in the font was so we just pushed it aside thinking maybe it was supposed to represent her husband who passed away years ago. The Friday before her baptism we went over with the Ward Mission Leader to discuss the finer details as well as practice what was going to happen in the font. Since she is terrified of water we all decided to have her great grandson go first, and then he would be able to watch from the side of the font. At the baptism it all went as planned until Barbara tried to go under the water and came back up before she was fully submerged and choked on water for a couple minutes. We tried again, and once more she came up short choking on water and looking a little discouraged. I said a short prayer and comforted her and her great grandson moved back into the font, at her head, to tell her she can do it. This time she went under all the way and then left the font with a huge smile on her face. Wow, that answers who the other man in the font was going to be in an amazing way!

They are both now baptised by water and fire and are very happy to be members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She is already preparing to enter the temple and is also getting ready for her cancer treatment with a new sense of optimism and stregth. The ward has come together to take care of both of them through the treatments and I cant imagine a greater success story. The Gospel really has changed their lives and I have never seen her so happy, even with the approaching surgery and treatments! Miracles like them are why I am out here :-)

I wish I could say so much more, but that took longer to write out them I had anticipated so I better wrap this up now. I want to thank everyone for their prayers and encouragemnt though, because I know those are helping the work progress here. I am growing a greater understanding for what is meant when we are told of the joy that comes from bringing souls unto Christ, and that is making me want to work harder and harder to find more who are prepared. The Lord is working true miracles in this area of his vinyard, and I get to witness them, and even be a part of some of them!!!

I love you all,

Elder David K Inman

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