Monday, July 19, 2010


Good morning everyone,

The title very much matches how I felt much of this week... I had a great birthday but near the end of the day I started feeling a little more tired then usual, and my throat was starting to ache a little. I think it is because I have been eating much healthier lately and then I felt to bad turning down all the cake for my birthday so it shocked my body, yuck. I ended up getting a really bad cold and was not able to go more then 15 minutes at a time without having to blow my nose, so I was bed ridden for a couple days. I still forced myself to get up and look excited for our appointments but was unable to do much more then that for a while. When we did have appointments I was blessed with greater strength, but then as soon as we were done my body would basically shut down. Not to much fun huh. But even with all that gross sickness plaguing me this week ended up being another incredible week as a missionary and I love looking back on it. So here is how it went:

(I was told to not put full names because of privacy, but I'm sure the message will still get across)

- I want to start off talking about Jeremy because I am so excited about his progression and excitement with the gospel. Oops, he will now be J, lol(great start to this whole privacy thing). First off, earlier this week when we were meeting with him he informed me that he found me on Facebook, which led to him looking at my blog and reading all about himself, so it feels weird writing this and knowing that he will probably read it soon. As always the appointment with him went great and the spirit was very strong with him asking great questions and bearing testimony. Then on Saturday he called and asked us if he could go out with us on Sunday and see what its like to be a missionary, and that it would make his day if he could. Of course we readily excepted and let our dinner appointment know that we would have him with us, which they were also excited about. He stayed with us all day as we went to appointments, met up with missed appointments, tried potentials, and talked with random people on the sidewalks. We had some tracting scheduled in as well but more people let us in then expected so we ended up running late to dinner as it was. He will still get to try it though since he wants to come out with us next Sunday as well, and he is also coming along with certain appointments this week.

The day ended perfectly with our last appointments, which was with the Healy's ( Now the HLY's?). We went in and just talked with them for a little while and Jeremy got to know them a little better. They HLY's are already asking about senior missions! Then a little while into it we started the lesson with a prayer and I turned to J and, without prior warning, asked him to teach us about charity and gave his the chapter in PMG to work from. I thought he would do well because of how strong his faith is, but to my surprise he did an incredible job. We all opened up to chapter 7 of Moroni and he read the verse about charity for the first time and then taught by the spirit what it is and how to gain it as a spiritual gift. It was such an uplifting and exciting experience. Not only did J teach like a well prepared missionary, but the HLY's in return bore strong testimony and taught in return. They also conversed about their conversion process, since both are new to the church, and talked about the trial both have of family being very against the church. J with all of his family basically and the HLY's with his mom. Being able to see people come into the gospel and begin teaching with power shortly after, with the expectation of serving missions, is such an incredible blessing!

- There is a new family that moved into the ward, and we had a great lesson with them a couple days ago. The only reason I'm writing about them is because they have kids, 4 and 6, who already have 14 scriptures memorized! I just thought that was incredible...

- I also got some great presents for my birthday this week :-) Getting more Gold Toe socks was great, thank family! Thank you as well for everything else, I am very much enjoying the treats, and sleep even better on my new silk pillow case, but I may like all the pictures the best. Also, Brenna sent me a really fun gift that many missionaries out here have enjoyed so far! Thank you so much to everyone that sent me letters as well! I got great letters from Mom, Danni, Ashley, Grandma Angel, Grandparents all the way up in Alaska, and the Radfords, and lots of fun emails.

There is so much more to say, and this is a pretty sad looking letter, but with all the b-day emails I dont have enough time to write more. Have a great week, and find someone to share a piece of the gospel with!


Elder Inman

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