Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 13

Hola again,

I loved seeing all those pictures. It feels so good to see everyone and to know that you all are doing so well. I can't print them here though, so be sure to send me a couple some time if you can :-) Enjoy camping! I loved those trips so much and still treasure those memories so much. Just make sure you take care of Clover, because Im expecting her to be jumping up and down when I get back!

So, it has been a great couple weeks. I had a change of heart a couple days ago that had helped me so much as a missionary. With Elder Davis going home, and talking about it quite a bit, I was starting to get a little trunky. I was missing family and friends and even though I still loved it out here I was feeling pretty home sick. Then just a couple days before he actually went home it hit me that I dont want to go home any time soon. I realized that if I went home now I would have failed as a missionary and would not enjoy being home because of that. It was simple and I should have thought of it earlier, but as soon as I did all remnants of trunkiness left and was replaced with excitement because I still get two years out here in New Mexico. I am not sure it anyone can even relate to that, but it had a huge impact on me and is helping me enjoy every moment of my mission.

This was especially good timing because my new companion, Elder Sumpter, is going home at the end of this transfer as well. There is a joke in my district that President Anderson is trying to make me trunky :-) He is a great missionary though and I am really excited for this transfer. Our first day together I tried to warn him about my snoring and that he may want to wear earplugs but he assured me he was fine since his last comp had the reputation for being the worst snorer in the mission. Well by the end of the next day he was about to fall over because he was so low on energy due to lack of sleep. It turns out that I am officially the worst snorer in the mission ( Are you sure you want to wait Brenna, lol). I gave him the earplugs that mom and dad sent me while in the MTC, and he has been sleeping much better the past couple nights.

Well I don't have to much time so I guess I have to wrap this up, so Ill bullet point a couple main things I wanted to say:

- This sounds weird, but if anyone wants to write my companion Im sure he would love it... I know Tawny and Mat are a thing now, but since he is going on a mission soon she can write two missionaries, lol :-) I don't think he gets much mail, meaning like maybe a letter every other month, which is weird because he is known as the most ripped missionary in the mission. He said he wasn't worried about girls to much before the mission, but kinda wishes he had been just so that he would get letters out here. I only check mail once a week now because I don't want to rub it in the people write me...

- We have a baptism this Friday which I am so excited about! His name is Nate Allen-Arve, and I have talked about him before. He is an incredible kid and this is going to be so amazing. His grandpa is flying down to do the baptism :-) It feels so great to find someone, work with them, and see them make the decision for baptism. And we have another baptism coming up on the 4th of next month. The work has picked up so much in this area and I love it. I have such a great ward, and I just found out that a group of them are praying that I will have another transfer here, lol.

- We were tracting this week and found an amazing family and the husband only does sign language, so I brushed up on the alphabet and am going to try to communicate with him a little. He is such a nice guy, and his wife translates for us, but it would be great to talk strait to him. Thanks mom!

- I am now an expert on how to stop smoking. Turns out missionaries have an incredible program that helps close to 90% of people lose the urge to smoke in 7 days, and my comp and I spent hours studying it because we have 3 people who need it. We are starting the program with them this week so I will let you know how it goes!

- I got an awesome package from the 'Williams Clan". I loved it, so thank you so much!

- I love you all!!

Elder Inman

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