Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Flew out this am

We took David to the airport this morning. We actually left last night because we weren't sure about road conditions with all the snow. David still hadn't bought shoes, so we left in time for him to get some shoes, and then hit some shops around Indy. It was yucky weather, we were really glad we stayed over. His flight left at 8:10am, we said goodbye around 7:30am. This is such a bad pic of me, could I pull my chin in anymore?? It seemed like the 40 or so people milling around weren't capable of holding a camera, so I had to take it....oh well. I will admit, Bill cried. This is our Stake President, President Burdett, he set David apart as an official missionary Sunday night, I'll admit it again, Bill cried. We had a little goodbye cake last night and a couple of David's friends (Matt & Michelle) came by. It won't be too long and Matt will be out serving some lucky people somewhere. Things David forgot:
1- His scriptures....yes his scriptures - great missionary, has them all memorized. He'll probably just have to buy himself a new set out there.
2- His other pair of shoes, although he got such a nice pair, will he need a second set?
3- Sunglasses.
4- EFY CD (He can only listen to it and MoTab (Mormon Tabernacle Choir for those non-LDS))
5- Family pedigree chart, 4 generations. I'm not sure why he needs it, just does.
6- Something he didn't forget, but after sleeping in the same hotel room with him...ear plugs for his poor companions!
I'm sure this list will lengthen.... if you're around Muncie and want to send something out, you can put it with our growing stash.

I'm hoping David will be able to post regularly, if not I'll be posting his emails, so become a follower to keep track of the happenings of Elder David Inman.

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  1. Oh my gosh, look at that suit!

    I can't wait to see how his first weeks go....